How do we order for our office?

Easy! Everything is done online. Select your region and then browse our product offerings. You then have three options: 1) place and pay for an order online as a guest, 2) create a Standard Business Account and place and pay for your order online, or 3) create a Monthly Business Account, place your orders online and only settle the invoices at month end. For more information, take a look at our How it Works page

When will deliveries start?

For a newly set up Monthly Business Account, the status of your account will become active once your trade references have been checked and your account has been authorised. You will be notified of this by email.

Once authorised, you will be able to set up recurring orders and manage your orders from your account dashboard.

For all guest and Standard Business Account orders, delivery will take place the next business day provided you have placed your order before midday.

Can we get more than one delivery per week?

Yes you can! We deliver daily, Monday through to Friday.

If we order fruit, does it need to be refrigerated all week?

Once at the office, the fruit box should be opened. Most fruit can be kept at ambient temperatures, however, please note that in warmer office temperatures fruit can ripen quickly. To extend the shelf life of fruit it can be refrigerated, with the exception of bananas.

How is invoicing and payment done?

This depends on the type of account you set up.

Invoices will be sent per order. For companies with a Monthly Business Account, payment must be made via EFT or SnapScan within seven (7) days of the month-end, or as stated on the invoice, whichever date occurs first. A reminder statement will be sent to these customers at month end.

Companies ordering as a guest or those ordering with a Simple Business Account pay online at check-out via a secure payment gateway using a company card or EFT.

Can we pause or cancel our office order?

Yes you can, with a Monthly Business Account. Simply log into your account and make the changes to your upcoming orders before the cut off time for the next delivery.

Orders that have already been paid for can only be cancelled if done so via email before the order has been packed for delivery.

How do replacements, returns and refunds work?

We undertake to deliver your office groceries in good order and our Quality Guarantee means that you will never pay for spoilt or damaged products.

Get in touch with us on the day of delivery, or at most, the day after delivery, so that we can address the issue quickly. You can email us at fresh@thefruitcube.com detailing what the problem is and, if possible, attach a photo showing the issue. This will allow us to more easily investigate the cause and make amends as quickly as possible.

Please refer to our Ts&Cs for more detailed information about replacements, returns and refunds.

What happens on public holidays?

When a scheduled delivery day falls on a public holiday, you can simply log into your dashboard and pause your order and then re-activate it for the following week. If you would like delivery the following day, you can set up a once-off just for that week.

Do you do home deliveries or deliveries for individuals at the office?

We deliver strictly to office addresses only.

As we are a corporate groceries provider, our customers are companies or business units. No personal orders for individuals will be processed for delivery.

Are prices subject to change?

Yes they are, and the updated prices will always be those shown on the website.

The exceptions are the prices for seasonal fruit boxes, which usually only increase annually. This will be communicated in writing to all customers receiving a recurring fruit order.

What packaging do you use?

As a part of the South African economy, we encourage recycling and also try to keep the use of plastic to a minimum. All groceries are packed and delivered in recyclable brown paper bags and all fruit is carefully loose-packed by hand in recyclable cardboard boxes (which help to retain cooler temperatures inside). Plastic punnets or bags are only used when absolutely necessary (e.g. for delicate fruit such as grapes) and we are constantly looking for viable alternatives.