We understand the importance of premium quality and convenience, so we've made ordering your office groceries as simple as can be.


Browse our office grocery range:

Browse our curated office grocery range selected to specifically meet office requirements. Our relevant office range = easier shopping = saving you time!


Shop as a guest or easily create an account:

You can shop and pay online as a guest, but creating an account is simple and will allow you to manage your orders at the click of a button. We have two options for you:

  • A Monthly Business Account is all about efficiency and ease. Use it to set up and manage recurring orders for the items you always need, to place ad-hoc orders if you're running low on something, and to settle invoices at month end.
  • A Standard Business Account is all about making ad-hoc orders simpler. Store company and delivery details to streamline orders, order as and when needed, and pay securely and immediately at checkout via a secure payment gateway.

Place your order:

Recurring orders:

Imagine seasonal fruit boxes and other groceries arriving at your office every time, on time, without having to re-order each week... That's exactly what our recurring orders do for you. Our set-and-forget recurring orders are available for products that you know are consumed on a predictable frequency, making sure your stock is replenished in time. Recurring orders can be delivered daily, weekly or fortnightly.

Ad-hoc orders:

Realised you're running low on something your team can't live without? Simply purchase as a guest or log into your account and place your order there and then for delivery to your office.


We'll deliver your order:

We'll deliver straight to your office. For ad-hoc orders, delivery will be the next business day if the order was placed before midday, and within 2 business days if the order was placed after midday. For recurring orders, we'll deliver on the days and at the frequencies you select.


Making payment:

Payment is easy and streamlined.

  • With an approved Monthly Business Account, the hassle of settling multiple invoices weekly is removed. For companies with a Monthly Business Account invoices are only due 7 days after month end and you will receive a reminder statement summarising the invoices due for the current month. Payment can be made via EFT or SnapScan.
  • With a Simple Business Account or as a guest purchaser, you will be able to pay at checkout via a secure payment gateway, either using your company credit card or doing so via EFT.

Managing your order and account:

We know offices are agile environments and sometimes you may need to change things up a bit.

At any point in time you can log into your account to make temporary or permanent changes, such as:

  • Editing your upcoming orders (within relevant cut-off times)
  • Pausing upcoming recurring orders (e.g. your office is closed for a weeklong holiday)
  • Updating, adding or removing delivery and billing details
  • Changing details of the account user

If you’d prefer to speak to us to make any changes, just give us a call!